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Learning For Future Success provides complementary education and lessons of exceptional quality at affordable prices. In today’s society, students are facing mounting pressure to perform well in their studies. Every parent wants their child to achieve well and go on to lead a happy and successful life. It has become more evident that relying on schools alone to provide your child with the necessary education to reach their goals is simply not enough.

Learning for Future Success has been founded to support children working to-wards the Grammar and Private School selection tests in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Walsall and surrounding areas and the SAT’s exams taken within your child’s schools. 

The tuition your child receives when attending our courses will support them in their preparation for these very important series of exams.

Our private tuition programme is offered both online and face to face to include combined maths and English tuition, group tuition classes as well as one-to-one tuition in the comfort of your own home. 

We aim to provide tuition by professionally qualified teachers to improve your child’s standard in the respective subjects or subjects nominated. We do this on an understanding that you will do your best to ensure that homework is completed, and that you will ensure that your child’s attendance is regular and punctual and that fees are paid in accordance with the current.

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Meet our wonderful instructors, They all

Richard Taylor

Marketing Instructor

Sophie Geller

Graphics Instructor

Emily Gaarder

Musical Instructor

Andrew Holland

Design Instructor

Parent feedback

We are super excited to share with you what parents who have enrolled their kids are saying as a result of our program

My son exceeded his expected SAT score

Before SAT my son’s teacher told me he was working towards the expected standard in maths. I enrolled him at Learning for future success in September. In July he got a score of 111 which meant he was exceeding the expected standard. We are so happy!

Alisa Ray


Great support for the beginner kids with esteem issue

I can’t thank Mr Hamilton and his staff enough. They made my daughter have aspirations again. She got a grade 7 in her Maths and grade 6 in her English GCSE results. She thought she would fail them both. She is now doing A’level Maths and History in preparation for university 

Stephen Allen


Amazing teaching methods for every child

My son/s teacher asked if he was taking extra classes because he was getting higher grades  in his maths test. All thanks to Learning for future investments

John Brock


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